One of best kept semi-secrets in Latvia's nature - unusual and very beautiful waterfall. It's not between the widest or highest waterfalls in Latvia but this one is especially scenic because of the red dolomite as it's base cliff.
LOCATION Latvia, Slitere National park
HEIGHT 2,2 metres
WIDTH 0,6 metres
RATING (8,4/10)
Zartapu waterfall is chaning quite dynamically because the red dolomite is soft and the water washes it out rather fast. Thus it has already created interesting canyon around the waterfall. The best time to visit waterfall is in high water season (spring, autumn, after heavy rainfalls) - in other times the water flor can be dried out.

The waterfall is easily accesible from road - there are a wide pathway leading to the waterfall which is just a few hundred meters inside the forest. However, bear in mind that waterfall is located in nature protection area, so please be especially cautious and responsible when visiting the place.
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