The mission of Photo Places is to show and describe visually beautiful sights. With quality photos and exciting descriptions, the page aims to reveal amazing places in the Baltic states and Europe - both famous and less known ones.

Site structure

The various content on this site is organized in (hopefully) handy and logical system. On the first 4 choices in the main menu tab the site's visitor can oversee described photoplaces by:

1) geographical criteria as a primary category (Latvia; Lithuania; Estonia; Europe)

2) place type criteria as a secondary category (cities and towns; buildings; nature and parks; observation points; other places)

The 5th menu choice - Photo Galleries - is grouped by the same place type categories, except that there is also a submenu devoted to aerial photos (taken with drone mostly).

The 6th menu choice is Top Lists. This menu offers rather comprehensive lists as well as entertaining articles about the most interesting places of various types in different countries and cities. Top Lists submenu is grouped again by geographical criteria (Latvia; Lithuania; Estonia; Europe).

At last (but not least) there is a menu choice Interactive Maps. Here one can find a several maps which points described locations precisely in interactive Google Maps with a different icons for each type of places. 

About the author

Photo Places is a work of one man - enthusiast traveler, photographer and journalist Ikars Kublins.

Since childhood I have always loved to see new places - at that time it meant just a regular scenes behind a bus window on my route from birth town to countryside at my beloved grandmother. Also photography catched my interest very early. I started by trying to re-draw photos from some photography book of Czech Republic and Slovakia (it was one country back then). First time when I got my hands on a digital camera was late - just in 2005 when I borrowed Fuji S5600 in order to take some shots when attending a music festival in Belgium as a journalist (and that was also just the first time when I crossed my country's border!). Since that time, the photography rapidly became my passion, together with it's natural sibling - traveling. Today in daily job I write about serious topics like economics, taxes and finances, but in the free moments I try to travel as much as my wallet allows, take zillions of photos, process them and write descriptions of personally visited places. The result you see on this page. I hope you like it! 

...oh, and if you like it as much as you would want to offer some kind of cooperation - for example, to buy my photos for use in your business project - you can reach me by the e-mail:

Photo Places

Photo Places

Travel Guide with beautiful photos and exciting descriptions of the most amazing and unique places in Baltic states and Europe. All content made by ⒸIkars Kublins. Contact me by e-mail:

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