Detailed description and photos of one of the most spacious views in Europe - view from Gesundaberget summit
Gesundaberget hill, located in Central Sweden, is famous for the magnificent views it offers from it's summit - even Michelin's Green Guide has noticed and acknowledged it. Although the hill is only 514 metres high, the panorama it provides is truly breathtaking. Gesundaberget is located near one of the largest lakes in Sweden - Siljan, what's rich with many small and scenic islands. Down below the hill a huge swaths of green forests are visible but a bit further, on the shores of lake and on the largest island - Sollerön - countless traditional red-colored Swedish houses. When looking to other sides, surroundings offers a bit of hilly landscape.
LOCATION Sweden, Dalarna county
RATING (9,59/10)

Santa Clauss' residence in Sweden

Gesundaberget is known also for it's skiing track in winter (that's the same way for climbing up to the hill in summer) and a mountain bike track. On it's top there is a cafe which, as it seems, works only in the most active season (winter). What's interesting - Gesundaberget is also one the places which pretends to be "the real home of Santa Clauss". At the foot of a hill there is Sweden's version of Santaworld (Tomteland) with toy workshops, animals and a residing Santa Clauss.

My experience

Have been to Alps, Plitvice lakes in Croatia and some other beautiful places but the view from Gesundaberget is for now the most amazing scenery I have seen. The incredible spaciousness what you see when standing at the top of the hill can give a sense of flying. Of course, I was also very lucky when all this beauty was even more enhanced when a rainbow appeared there after a short rainstorm. At first it showed up right next to the hill. I saw it from above - it's upper edge was about the same height as the hill and it seemed that it could be almost possible to reach for and touch it. Then the rainbow gradually moved forward, away from the hill. In the photos you see it above the lake Siljan. I had neither seen the rainbow from above nor observed such a "rainbow walk" before or after in my life. The experience on top of Gesundaberget remains one of the most wonderful adventures in nature I have enjoyed. 


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