Gutmana cave is the largest and undoubtedly the most popular cave in Latvia, with a long history. It's located in the tourist hotspot Sigulda (there are many other natural jewels in the area), and there were times (1970ies) when the cave had 1,5 million tourists per year which made it one of the most visited caves in the world!
LOCATION Latvia, Sigulda
LENGTH 18 metres
HEIGHT 10 metres
AGE 10 000 years
RATING (7,7/10)

Gutmana cave is the highest and widest cave not only in Latvia, but whole Baltic states. It started forming more than 10 000 years ago when meltwater eroded the sandstone rock after the Ice Age (it was more than thousand years long process of interaction between the river and an underground spring). The walls of the cave holds many inscriptions and the oldest of them dates back to 17th century.

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