Cape Kolka is one of Latvia's most intriguing nature pearls - northernmost tip of Western Latvia (Kurzeme) region, the meeting place of two seas - Baltic sea from the left and Riga Sea Gulf from the right. Kolka cape is dynamically changing it's shape,
LOCATION Latvia, Kolka
RATING (8,6/10)
currently the sea has "eaten off" it's spike, but sometimes, when the waters step back, the cape can become much larger, revealing a part of the hidden underwater sandbank which stretches into the sea for several kilometres, until the artificial island of Kolka lighthouse (built in 1884) - you can see it the photo as a small dot in the sea, left part of the photo. This has been historically dangerous place for sailors, many ships have crashed on the sandbank, becoming an easy targets for pirates who misled ships by lighting up fires on the coast and then looted them. Kolka cape is also not the place to swim - the collision of waters from Riga Sea Gulf and Baltic sea creates dangerous whirlwinds of streams here.
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