Unusual nature monument in Latvia, Rauna Staburags travertine cliff
Rauna Staburags Travertine cliff in autumn

Rauna Staburags travertine cliff seems to be unique nature monument in whole Baltic states - there isn't information about any other similar places from Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia. The cliff has started to form some 9000 years ago, the moss is limed by calcium-rich spring water, the process still continues. The cliff is 3,5 metres high and 17 metres in length.

Last of it's kind

There has been larger and more impressive cliffs of this type in Latvia but they were destroyed by the economic activities. Most notable was Staburags on Daugava river. Daugavas Staburags was flooded when Pļaviņas hydro electric power station was built.

Tourism impact

Rauna travertine cliff is also one of the most endangered nature monuments in Latvia, because tourists tend to step on the cliff itself. Because of this, the Alpine butterwort (which was also pretty unique for Baltic's flora) has already been extinguished from here - this flower hasn't been spotted for the last 15 years.

In 2018, Rauna Staburags cliff was chosen as the "Geoplace of Latvia" for the specific year.

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