On the top floor of Radisson Blu hotel highrise in Riga there is a skyline bar - a place which offers probably the most beautiful panoramic view of Riga. The harmonious scenery includes centre boulevards and parks, Old Town and almost all the highrise accents in one, charming view. Especially beautiful it gets in blue hour when the lanterns are switched on, the streets turning yellow/orange, the trees remains green and the rooftops turns blueish. On the opposite direction the panorama leads your eye in voyage over the 19th/20th Century "belle epoque" age (Eclecticism, Art Nouveau and other  styles) buildings' rooftops, layouted in impressive perimetrical quarters. 

The downside of this location is that the view is seen through windows so reflections of interior can be very disturbing and annoying, especially if you're photographing and trying to get high quality pictures. Heavy and difficult post-processing will be required to at least minimize reflections.

Practical information. Technically the entrance is free, but as it is the restaurant/bar, it would be polite to order some drink. They're not cheap in this place but with just a coffee you could go with few euros. However there's another complication - the place is very popular and that means if you want to be sure you get to the table at the window to Old Town side, you must likely should make a reservation before. Btw, there is also an option to see the views to southern and northern sides of Riga from the staircase windows (and the view to Old Town is visible also from the toilett next to the Skybar but, well, it doesn't seem to be the most appropriate place to enjoy the scenery :)).  

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