Zvartes cliff is regarded as the most iconic and most popular cliff in Latvia - surely its visually impressive and unusual due to its scenic corbel - looks like the cliff has "stepped" into Amata river. A tourist also can (carefully) step in
LOCATION Latvia, Amata parish
CLIFF TYPE Sandstone
HEIGHT 44 metres
LENGTH 200 metres
RATING (8,5/10)

there, at least in summer season when the water level is very low and you can cross the stony river bed, in a hot day getting a good refreshing as well. There are also great vantage points on the cliff - the tourist path with stairs and trail leads up there.

It's speculated that Zvartes cliff has been formed (appeared) only sometime in the beginning of 20th Century (probably at the time of World War 1) when huge landslide happened there, according to testimonies. Amata river next to the cliff has a wild and fast stream which quite rapidly changes the rock sediments near it. To preserve Zvartes cliff, the river flow has been changed by digging a bypass channel.

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