Riga TV Tower is the highest structure in Riga (368 metres) and it offers vast panoramic views from it's 97 m high observation deck - the highest publicly accesible point to see the city. It's an interesting experience to get there - the elevator takes you up through one of three inclined support "legs" of the tower.   

TV Tower is located on an island between the left and right banks of Daugava river so the closest are nature views - trees, grass and bushes and water. City centre skyline is visible in distance, together with the left bank modern buildings and the green suburbs of Agenskalns, Tornakalns. On the south-eastern side an interesting views to soviet time urbanity can be seen - dense commieblock districts of Krasta masivs, Plavnieki and Purvciems.

The worst thing about TV tower observation deck is (was) it's windows - they were oxidized thus got tinted in yellowish tones. Of course, it makes much harder to get good photos. But this is already outdated information because... 

Practical information. TV Tower observation deck is closed for public since May 2019 - the tower is being reconstructed. The ambitious reconstruction project costs insane amount of money - 50 million euros - and so the result should be no less than spectacular, incredible and amazing (it better be!). The downside is that the tower won't be accesible for tourists for several more years  - it is expected that the reconstruction could be finished in 2024. 

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