One of the most impressive waterfalls in the Baltic states - Jägala juga in Estonia
Jägala waterfall in Estonia

Estonia is rich with beautiful waterfalls and one of them is located just about 30 kilometers from capital city Tallinn - Jägala waterfall (Jägala juga). It's height is 8 metres which makes it the highest natural made waterfall in Estonia (the highest one - Valaste juga - is a man-made), width - about 60 metres.

The powerful stream

Although it would be tempting to cross the river, especially in hot days, it can be dangerous - despite of relative shallow water, the river stream is very powerful here. Jägala waterfall is considered to be the strongest of the functioning waterfalls in Estonia - the average discharge of this waterfall is about 13 cubic meters of water in a second (and up to even 200 m3/s during the high water season!).

The "walking" waterfall

It's interesting that the waterfall is slowly moving backwards because the water gradually washes out the cliff. Thus, since the formation of waterfall 3000 years ago, a 300 metres long canyon has been created. It's calculated that in 17th-19th Century the waterfall retreated as fast as 17 centimetres in a year. 

Testimonies of ancient times

The waterfall is flowing above the steep limestone cliff of Ordovician period. Fossils of ancient cephalopods can be seen here - look for them on the upper side of the cliff.

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