One of the largest and mightiest cliffs in Latvia, over 20 metres high, 700 metres long and scenically located right next at Gauja river bend. Can be seen both from above, by walking a nature path on top of it and also from the shore or river level (by traveling with a boat).
LOCATION Latvia, Cesis parish
CLIFF TYPE Sandstone
HEIGHT 22 metres
LENGTH 700 metres
AGE 350-400 million years
RATING (8,3/10)
The cliffs has also an interesting layering (the streaks of iron can be found here) and fossilies of fish, as well as a cracks, formed there by tectonic processes long time ago. 

It's not clear why the cliffs are named Eagle cliffs because eagles hasn't been noticed there. The legends say that echoes from these cliffs sounded like an organ, so it is also known as the Ērģeļu (Organ) Cliffs. It's speculated that the name "Ērgļu" is just derived from "Ērģeļu" as it is phonetically similar in Latvian language.   
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