Coniferous forest in Slitere National park is not a usual one. Besides the typical benefits of such forest like a flavour of needles and fresh maritime air, this one offers also a unique relief system, made of ancient, prolate dunes and hollows between them. They originated around 6000 years ago when the whole place still was a seabed - the waves and later wind made these sand formations, said to be largest of this type in Europe.

There are several nature trails leading through these unique forest dunes - for example, Pēterezers nature trail which is leading by Peterezers lake.

Hollows a hiker has to cross on his way through these forests can be swampy and flooded with water:

Beautiful herns growing on these primeval forests:

And some beautiful dragonflies lands on them to rest:

Peterezers lake scenery opens up while hiking Peterezers nature trail:
Photo Places

Photo Places

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