Less known and a bit more remote (there has to be taken several kilometers walk to reach it) but not less impressive cliff at Amata river - it's overal height is calculated even up to 40 metres which makes it one of the highest cliffs in Latvia.
LOCATION Latvia, Amata parish
CLIFF TYPE Sandstone
HEIGHT 40 metres
LENGTH 300 metres
RATING (7,7/10)

It's also one of the newest cliff in Latvia, because the first testimonies about it appeared only in 1950ies - before that, Dzilnas cliff wasn't mentioned in any sources, although Amata river valley was well explored and documented in a book already in 1930ies.

Dzilnas cliff is rapidly changing due to active processes of erosion and suffosion. Nowadays they seem to be stopped, and the cliff is overgrowing with vegetation - so soon there could be only a "green blanket" as it has happened with many other Latvian cliffs and outcrops.

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